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Warren Reid - Dirt Bikes are Life- Dirt Illustrated

Warren Reid - Dirt Bikes are Life

Dirt Bikes: Warren's first column for Dirt Illustrated describes his life going up in So. Calif.. Riding dirt bikes with his Mom, bodysurfing and how he started racing. Welcome to Dirt Illustrated Warren. We are glad you joined.
Warren on growing up, FMF, Honda, Jon R. and everything between.
By Warren Reed | 2012-06-12

Video by Brennan Wright

I was a motorcycle racer. But, I was one of millions. I raced Motocross professionally, as my living for 10 years, all over the world and of that bunch, I was one of dozens. For a number of years after that, I raced professionally, mostly for fun, at MX and other types of dirt motorcycle racing events. Over those many years of racing, professional and otherwise, I met and engaged intensely with hundreds of really interesting people. Some became lifelong friends, some were nemesis competitors, some were deeply involved in the sport and others were ancillary.