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Yosemite Dual Sport Adventure Returns - Dirt Illustrated

Yosemite Dual Sport Adventure ride returns

Feature: The annual Yosemite Dual Sport Adventure ride gives riders a chance to do some fun trail and road rides through and around majestic Yosemite National Park.
Some fun, you bet...
By Dennis Cox | 2013-08-09

Photos by Dennis "Ketchup" Cox

This Adventure Ride is a two day, GPS based, self-guided event including scenic & historic destinations. Using paved and unpaved roads you'll have approximately 100 miles of fun each day!  Dirt routes are approximately 80% dirt. Paved routes are 100% paved. All dirt routes are 2-track gravel and fire roads appropriate for Adventure Bikes & beginners. For more information or to register on-line:   
A wide variety of Dual Sport bikes take to the fireroads and pavement at the Yosemite Dual Sport Adventure. A great chance to take that monster Beemer lurking in your garage out for a scenic ride with your son....
Last year we rode this event with Larry Langley and Eric Lee. We had a blast. The Family Adventure ride goes through the National forests surrounding Yosemite and uses pavement routes into the park.
We also used the ride to test one of Honda's XR650L's along this beautiful and scenic route. Ketch gets in some seat time at one of America's most majestic National Parks. Thats Half Dome, way in the background.
You owe it to your kids to get out and see one of the country's most awe-inspiring sights. Beautiful Yosemite National Park.
The fine folks at Family Off Road Adventures make the Yosemite Dual Sport ride possible. Be sure and thank them for their efforts.