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International Speedway comes to Northern California- Dirt Illustrated

No Cal's Fast Friday Motorcycle Speedway hosts Euro's Vs. American's

Feature: The two teams at the Fast Friday Speedway track in Northern California pose for a photo before the racing action begins (left-right) USA-Tommy Hedden, Ryan Bast, Bart Bast, Charlie Venegas, Bryan Yarrow and Billy Janniro. Europeans-Jason Bunyan, Danny Halsey, Lewis Bridger, Mads Korneluissen, Bryce Starks(filling in with the Euros) and Robin Aspegren.
Billy Janniro beats the best in the world... Story and photos by Mike Kirby
By | 2013-10-15

Five of Europe's best speedway riders arrived in the scenic Northern California hamlet of Auburn to take on five of America's top Speedway riders. All in a battle to determine what's really important. Bragging rights. Auburn’s Bryce Starks, joined the Euro's to make it even out both teams with six riders each.....
Euro's and American's dicing it out on a Northern California Speedway track....what's more American than that?
Fast Friday Speedway close out...
Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway closed out its 2013 racing season with a great exhibition of speedway racing and international fellowship, as the USA challenged the Euro team riders on the Gold Country Fairgrounds track in Auburn, California on a cool Friday night.
The rivalry and international grudge match continued in its 12th meeting, with Friday night’s race tapping eight wins for the Americans and three wins for the Euro's. Tonight, the Team USA team riders proved to be unbeatable on their home turf as they soundly thrashed the Euro squad 61-50.
The intensity and concentration for speedway racing all comes down to that all important second just before the gate drops (or in this case goes up).
TGIF at Fast Friday's...
Fast Friday’s owner, David Joiner, assembled an impressive and talented Euro team of experienced overseas racers, that included Robin Aspegren of Sweden, Mads Korneluissen of Denmark, and Lewis Bridger, Jason Bunyan, and Danny Halsey all hailing from England. All the Euro squad race for professional teams in Europe. Rounding out the six man European team was Auburn’s Bryce Starks.
Challenging the World Speedway Team at this year’s race, was the USA squad, which consisted of current national speedway champ Billy Janniro, Charlie Venegas, Bart Bast, Ryan Bast, Bryan Yarrow and Tommy Hedden.
While Speedway racing thrives in Southern California, it continues to get fans all over the country. The Fast Friday Speedway in Auburn, CA had their season ending race last week with an epic-USA vs. Europe face off....
America Vs. World...
The format was simple; the riders rode in pairs and raced against each other in 18 scratch heat races, two riders for the USA against two Euro riders. They scored three points for a win, two points for second place, one point for a third and nothing for fourth. The match would be decided by who had the most team points at the end of the 18 heat races.
Janniro proves himself...
For the USA, Billy Janniro proved to be invincible. He won all of his heat races and scoring a perfect 18 points. Not far behind Janniro, Bast tallied 17 points for the evening losing only one race with a second place finish to Korneluissen in heat race eight. The best rider for the Euro's was England’s Lewis Bridger, who scored a team high 15 points.
Mads Korneluissen backed Lewis up with 13 points. The European team of Lewis Bridger and Jason Bunyan scored the nights highest score with 24 points. Then it was Billy Janniro and Charlie Venegas, who scored a team high of 23 points for the USA team.
“It was a really good night, you’ve really got to try hard against the Europeans,” said Janniro. “You want the results to get back to Europe, so they know we can still hang with them.”
Euro Adjustment...
One of the biggest challenges European riders have in the USA is adjusting to the shorter track length. “The racing here is not like back home, it’s totally different,” said Swedish rider Robin Aspegren after the race.
“It’s really fun coming over here, I don’t want to go home,” Aspegren joked.