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So Cal Vintage 3 race at Barona Oaks, CA  - Dirt Illustrated

Burner burns up So Cal Vintage 3 MX race

Vintage Motocross: Scott "Burner" Burnworth is one busy guy. Besides promoting and hosting the So Cal Vintage MX Classic 3 event at Barona Oaks, California, he raced and won in all four classes he entered. The Burner gets it done.
Vintage Motocross - Friends, family and fast times at Barona Oaks....
By Scott Heidbrink | 2011-06-11

Photos by Scott Heidbrink

American Motocross has a love affair with Vintage Racing. And it shows. At the So Cal Vintage MX Classic 3 event, former Suzuki factory racer, and now Vintage race promoter, Scott Burnsworth, treated a host of Vintage, Post Vintage, and regular motocross racers, to a stellar, much anticipated moto event, held in the So Cal rolling mountain terrain of Barona Oaks, California.
Ronnie Lechien grabs the lead in the regular pro motocross races at Barona Oaks. A former Kawasaki factory flyer, Lechien confesses, "Hey, I didn't care all that much for the early bikes when they were new, so I can't say I'm a big fan of racing a Vintage bike, " Lechien said jokingly. "I do love seeing all the old timers though, and wouldn't miss one of the Burners races for nothing,".
Fun for all...
What sets apart an event like Scott Burnworth's Vintage Classic 3 MX more than anything else though, are the people. A mix of new and old. Teenagers who never knew the thrill of riding a classic two-stroke, mixed in with wily vets, who still know a thing or two about navigating around a moto course at speed. This, and the myriad of people who see riders they have not seen in years. Everyone is out having a great time, barbecues, family fun, camping out, and bench racing, are the orders of the day. Possibly, even a chance to play Marty Tripes at poker, after a long days racing.
Gary Chaplin, a fixture racing Maicos in So Cal back in the early daze, was at the So Cal Vintage 3 MX Classic. Gary put in some hot laps aboard his revamped Maico and showed why he is one of the coolest ambassadors of moto in America.
Thanks to everyone!
"I'd like to thank all of the racers, their families and friends who came out to support this race," said Vintage 3 racer/promoter Scott Burnworth. "I especially appreciate all the people who traveled from out of state, and even further. The turnout was fantastic, the weather was perfect, the racing was intense, and everyone enjoyed the track. In addition, I want to give a special thank you to all of our sponsors -- their support was invaluable. This was our third annual event, and it continues to get better every year. Now it's time to start planning next year's event, to ensure it's even more awesome! Thank you one and all!"
What says Vintage more than a sidehack? This Wasp chassis, Kawasaki powered, sidecar mx rig showed the fans a part of moto that lives on today. It takes some serious talent, to not only drive, but hang on to, one of these monster rigs. Trust us, we know.
After the races, 100cc Revenge empresario, Marty Tripes, fired up the grill and proceeded to feed everyone. The heros all sat down at a table to autograph posters – including Marty Smith, Ron Lechien, Bill Silverthorn, Mike Bell, Marty Tripes, Jim Gibson, Mike Beir, Davy Carlson, Gary Chaplin, Gary Faxon, Gene Fetty, and of course, Scott Burnworth. All the winners received priceless trophies (along with a cool swag bag) and could kick back and talk about the good old daze. Then as things settled down and the pits started to empty, it was all about sitting around the campfire, catching up on modern times, as well as reminiscing about days gone by. And spending a quiet moment to honor those “fallen racers” who have already passed into moto lore.
Sometimes a name says it all. Matchless. A rig like this, certainly is. Nuff said.
Two of the sweetest (and nicest) gals in racing. Lori Payne (left) and Sue Davies Laird can be seen at most any important So Cal Vintage or Post Vintage event. These ladies represent when they come out to an event. They did so at Burners So Cal Vintage 3 MX classic.
So Cal Vintage 3 MX Classic
Barona Oaks, CA

Marty Tripes 100cc Challenge

Factory Fly Intermediate
1. Dave Carlson...Yamaha 1 - 1
2. Bob Seki...Yamaha 2 - 1

Factory Fly Expert

1. Scott Burnworth...Yamaha 1 - 1
2. Mike Bier...Yamaha 2 - 2
3. Clark Jones...Yamaha 3 - 3

Modern 4-Stroke Open Age Expert
1. Jordan Eubanks...Honda 1 - 1
2. Jacob George...Honda 2 - 2
3. Greg Luck...Honda 3 - 3

Vintage 500cc Expert
1. Mark Dedes...Maico 1 - 1

Vintage 250cc Expert
1. Scott Burnworth...Ossa 1 - 1
2. Clark Jones...CZ 2 - 2
3. Gary Faxon...CZ 3 - 3

Vintage 250cc Intermediate
1. Ron Renzulli...CZ 1 - 1
2. Kirk Chapman...Honda 2 - 2
3. Mark Reeder...3 - 3

Vintage 250cc Novice
1. Bob Sheppard...Bultaco 1 - 1
2. Eddy Pierre Jerome...Yamaha 2 - 3
3. Robert Ivery...Husky DNS - 2

50+ Evo/Revo Expert
1. Mike Bell...Yamaha 1 - 1
2. Chip Howell...Yamaha 2 - 3
3. Mark Sandzimier...Honda 4 - 4

50+ Evo/Revo Intermediate
1. Tim Devlin...Honda 1 - 2
2. Darrell Sedig...Maico 3 - 3
3. Ron Sneed...Maico 6 - 4

Modern 4-Sroke Vets 40+ Experts
1. Ron Lechien...Kawasaki 1 - 1
2. Greg Luck...Honda 2 - 2
3. Jack McCormick...Honda 3 - 3

Modern 4-Sroke Vets 40+ Intermediate
1. Dan Schramm...Honda 2 - 2
2. Anthony Debenedetti...Yamaha 4 - 1
3. Eric Luck...Honda 5 - 3

Evolution 125cc Expert
Parker Jones...Honda 1 - 1
David MacDonald ...Yamaha 2 - 2

Evolution 250/500cc Expert
1. Scott Burnworth...Honda 1 - 1
2. Trevor Bell ...Yamaha 3 - 2
3. Bryan Paquette...Yamaha 2 - 3

2-Stroke Open Expert
1. Jordan Eubanks...Honda 1 - 1
2. Jay Pavlovel...Honda 3 - 2
3. Erick Meyers...Honda 2 - 3

50+ Vintage 250/500 Experts
1. Gary Faxon...CZ 1 - 1
2. Clark Jones...CZ 2 - 2
3. Bill Silverthorn...Husky 3 - 3