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DI: What do you look for in a rider whom you might sponsor? JC: I look for raw talent first. Not necessarily someone who is already a champ, but someone who I can build into a champion. Start at the grass roots and go from there. If you don’t have heart, tal- ent, and desire, you’re not going to make it. I want a guy that tries hard and never gives up. If you’re in the middle of nowhere and your bike breaks down, what do you do? I look for guys that know how to deal with that. You have to also be good at talking with people, be ap- proachable, and love what you are doing and show it. DI: How important is it to race off road? JC: I think its really important. You get more testing done when you do that and the end result is a product that is better. We also want to associate the brand with the younger racing audi- ence. How To Set-Up A 450X Like JCR #1. First thing we do is to open up the airbox to get more airflow. We cut the airbox lid off and that gives you more air intake. #2: Along with that mod, we rejet the carb to 175 main, our needle replacement is the NCWS, set in the fourth clip position (from the top). We use the stock #45 pi- lot jet and we change the Leak jet to a #65 (#70 is stock). #3. We also put a performance Pro Circuit Ti-5 exhaust system on our race bikes. #4. We install a full coverage, durable plastic skid plate from Acerbis for more rock protection. #5. We open up the ride com- partment by installing a BRP triple clamp. That gives the rider more area to move around on the bike, by moving the handlebar position forward. #6. We put a set of Renthal 996 bend, twin wall thick- ness handlebars on our race bikes. Our guys prefer the bend and they’re stron- ger than stock. #7. We also installed a Scott’s Steering damper. The stock HPSD steering damper is fine, for trail and most rid- ing, but for high speed Baja racing, we need more damping. #8. We put a larger capacity IMS 3.2 gallon gas tank on (about one more gallon than stock). We install an IMS dry break on ours, for quick refills at the races. #9. A Hinson Racing billet clutch cover, is a good ad- dition to the 450 X. It has a removable cover, to make clutch adjustments easier. We do use the stock clutch, as it is bulletproof and in- destructible. #10. We also have Pro Circuit revalve the front and rear suspension on our race bikes. The setting depend on the type of races we will be running the bikes in. We change the internal valv- ing and spring rate for the different conditions and events our team riders par- ticipate in.