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THE 2012 AMA HARLEY-DAVIDSON INSURANCE GRAND gious events like the Springfield Mile, held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds each year, with an event that would crown the AMA National Dirt Track Champion. Over time, the AMA estab- lished an 18 race series, in- stead of this one event, to de- termine the top flat track racer in America, which they continue to this day. While other forms of off road racing have captured the circus-like atmosphere of mod- Flat track racing is one of the oldest forms of motorized sport in the USA. The Har- ley-Davidson marque has a long and storied tradition of American heros. The biggest and best right now is National Champion Jake Johnson. Photo Courtesy AMA ern day motocross and super- cross racing, AMA flat tracking has stayed true to its core. High speeds, close racing action, and the ability to ‘pitch it’ into a turn at over 100 mph, have made flat track racing one of the most feared and respect- ed forms of dirt bike competi- tion ever witnessed. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 1 + Page 114 The current AMA Grand National Flat Track Champion is Jake Johnson, who defended his title in 2010 with a repeat championship in 2011. Jake won the most combined points in Ex- pert Twins and Expert Singles events to take the overall title of Grand National Champion.