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CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON Kawasaki 650R KTM 950 LC8 Suzuki DL /TL1000 Suzuki SV650, Suzuki SV680 Suzuki SV750 Triumph 865 Yamaha XZ650FJ. Min. Weight: 314lbs w/fuel Fuel: VP C12 Tires: Goodyear CD5 (Front: DT-11 27.0x7.0-19 D3616) and CD8 (Rear: DT- 11 27.5x7.5-19 Rules for Singles In the Singles Division the events they can run are the Expert Class (Short Track and Tourist Trophy) and Pro Singles (Short Track, Tourist Trophy, Mile and Half-mile). Here the top speeds are a bit lower, but still over 115 mph! down the straights. Eligible bikes include over 30 makes and models of to- day’s popular 450cc single-cyl- inder, production frame motor- cycles, which are eligible in the Expert Singles. In this class, there is no minimum weight requirement. Fuel: VP C12 . Tires: Goodyear CD5 (Front: DT-11 27.0x7.0-19 Exotica is everywhere inside an AMA pro flat track event. This Ducati powered flat tracker is a work of art for the mechanically inclined. Bee-u-tee-full. D3616) and CD8 (Rear: DT-11 27.5x7.5-19 D1637) Summing Up American Flat track racing is one of the most distinctive and competitive forms of dirt track racing in the world. Noth- ing gets your heart pumping like throwing a 1000cc, 314 lb., twin cylinder, four-stroke, into a corner wide open, and side- ways, at over 110 mph! As legendary Cycle News editor, Jack Mangus, would al- ways say, “These guys aren’t going around a corner at may- be 25-35 mph like some sissy mx’er would, they’re hitting it at over 100 mph, sideways, with the throttle pegged and some other guy doing the same thing, inches away…. Now that’s racing!” Mangus, while we might not agree with your sissy mxer analogy, we do respect that fact that it takes some mightily big ones to do this sort of all Amer- ican form of racing. More power to all concerned. If you ever get a chance, get out and see for yourself what professional flat track racing is all about.