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By the Mud Lovin’ staff of DIRT ILLustrated You probably remember back when you were a kid, when getting out and playing in the mud was an essential part of growing up. Not that your mom looked at it the same way, what with having to clean all your mud splattered clothes and all. But it did keep you busy (and out of her hair) and exer- cising that most important mus- cle of all- your imagination. So the primordial ooze that was such a fun part of being a free spirited youngster is back in a big way with one of the most dirty forms of off road play-muddin’. Mudding takes place all across America, from the swamps of Lousiana, to the muddy fields of Texas, East Coast clay pits, Canadian tundras, and assorted mucky hootenannies all over the USA. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 1 + Page 120