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IN THE DIRT - Adventure touring is the hot new on/off their Baja Concept bike to sample the enough dealers and customers are floor in the year sometime in 2014. Genata Street Quad? The Genata street quad is a 250cc gas powered 4-stroke quad made for the street. Some states, such as Utah and Arizona, allow use of ATVs on the street (as long as they configure to the states guidelines) and this machine would seem to fit that bill. Genata is based in China and these machines are built in the Industrial city of Chongqing, on the mainland (DIRT ILL editor Ketch has actually visited a differ- ent Chinese manufacturer based in Chongqing). For more info go to New Baja Right Coast Vintage Racing While we have a long list of Vintage races out here on the Left Coast, we sometimes forget to mention some of our Right Coast Vintage Racing buddies organi- zations. A good example is the American Classic Racing Motocross. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 1 + Page 14 Give Husqvarna credit for show- ing off one of their prototype Con- cept vehicles to the general press. This critical group of malcontents (ourselves included) gathered to see what Husky is working on, or at least thinking about for the future. The concept Husky goes back to the early days and dedication to a long heritage of Baja racing. The early days with Malcolm Smith and Steve McQueen. If McQueen were still alive, he’d own one for sure. Their Concept Baja Husky uses a 650cc, single-cylinder, liquid