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MX Injuries It’s scary to see how eas- ily a top competitor, such as Chad Reed, can be taken out of compe- tition for the entire season in one crash. Certainly it is all part of the risk of motosports, but the number of riders who have suffered serious injury this season has seemed to skyrocket. dress, and come up with possible solutions. Different track designs? What is clear is that the ath- letes who take these risks do it vol- untarily. Maybe there is something the folks pocketing the majority of the money from these events (the promoters) can do to help these riders maintain their careers? Let us know what you think at: Current Rider Injury Report: category. Husqvarna has unveiled as it were, with a prototype vehicle. If you could see this on the showroom by Scott Cox / Husky cooled four stroke powerplant, with electronic fuel injection, a perim- eter frame, and huge Brembo disc brakes on the 19 inch front and 17 inch rear wheels. It does has a 70’s scrambler- look to it, with a huge classic Husky red and chrome gas tank. It also comes with an LED headlight and a slim LED handlebar mounted gauge display. According to Husky president Kris Odwarka- “We want to get an idea of what the dealers think of this unit, and then decide what our response is”. What do you risk when you go to work each day? We hate to hear about any racer that gets hurt, but this list of top mx and Supercross riders who have been injured is sobering. It shows us the very real dangers in- herent in modern day moto. Espe- cially, the Supercross variety, with its many multiple jumps, whoops, and obstacles that require razor- thin error margins. Not sure exactly what we can do to reduce the risks, if any- thing, but this is a topic that the riders and promoters need to ad- • Chad Reed Broken Tibia and Fibula, Two Broken Ribs, Broken T6 Verte- brae and a Torn ACL • Austin Stroupe Cracked Collarbone • Eli Tomac Fractured Elbow • Andrew Short First Degree Separation of AC Joint • Ryan Sipes Broken Hand and Separated Shoulder • Tyla Rattray Concussion and Fractured Verte- brae • Ryan Morais Broken Jaw, Several Fractured Vertebrae, Collapsed Lung, Con- cussion and Broken Ribs • Trey Canard Injured Back • Ivan Tedesco Broken Finger • Christian Craig Wrist Problems