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IN THE DIRT - Muscle Milk Girls Hot girls are a staple of modern off roading. The Muscle Milk girls are a great example of Hot Chicas who are more fit than most guys. These two ladies have abs of steel and smiles to die for. But not before swigging down a couple of bottles of muscle milk. Nice smiles too. Speedway Few events are as much fun for us to watch as Speedway. This is the original Slideways and sideways Polisport Plastic Polisport, an Italian plastics company carries a long list of prod- ucts for off roaders. They’re exclu- sive imbedding process molds the decals into the plastic. Decals never peel. Colorful bike stands, hand guards, fenders and more, in a va- riety of colors for your dirt bike or ATV. For more info go to their web- site at sport for two wheelers. Unlike it’s flat track cousin, Speedway tracks are short and spectacular. The ac- tion is constant. Riders are side- ways almost the entire track. There is also a class for one of the wild- est rigs to ever hit dirt - Speedway sidehacks! Hacks are monsters of horse- power and shrieks and thrill any crowd when they pitch it in unison into turns. Check them out, go to: DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 1 + Page 16 Mud Season Mud whompers are looking for- ward to this coming March 28-April 1st. That is the date of the High Lifter & CMF Mud Nationals coming to the Mud Creek Off Road Park in Jacksonville, Texas. This event is the start of the CMF (Championship Mud Racing) season. Factory Mud racing is something to see, and the High Lifter National is one of the best. Events range from mud bog races to the Mudda Cross circular race, the Bad to Da