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Risk Starting Gate Risk Racing has shown a flair for making innova- tive and useful prod- ucts for racers, trail riders, and all manner of off road riders. Their Hole- shot practice starting gate is a good example. It is randomly timed, electronic, wireless, practice starting gate. You start out by pressing a but- ton on your bars and a green light comes on the gate letting you know its going to drop shortly thereaf- ter. You can reset it easily by step- ping on the backside and you can even link several gate together and practice with a friend. It retails for $279.95. Go to for more info. Bone-ATV & UTV show, the Poker Run, Concerts, Endurance Chal- lenge and the Outlaw BBQ throw- down. For more info, contact them at or champion- BRD is a San Francisco based company that wants to challenge the established elec- tric powered MX marketplace with a cutting edge new machine. Aimed at competing in the Supercross Lites class it uses a 52 kWh battery to get a claimed 40 hp and weighs just 240 lb. BRD Electric MXer We spied this ultra-trick looking brd Supercross racer at the INDY dealer show. “We’re committed to developing a bike until that can take on gas motocrossers on their home turf.” said BRD Chief Design Officer, Jeff Sand. Tentatively called -’The Red Shift’ this electric mixer makes use of a 5.2 kWh battery that delivers a claimed 50-mile range, based on similar elec- tric designs in the market. Capable of 40 horsepower, and with a claimed weight of 240 pounds in off-road trim, the Red- Shift features fully adjustable suspension, a race tuned chassis and all the bells, whistles and tools a pro mx bike needs to be competitive. “We just want to make faster motorcycles,” said CEO, Marc Fenig- stein. “We’re a team of riders and racers with high-performance gas machines in the garage. We’re building the bikes we’d rather be riding.” Look for the RedShift to be sold through convention motorcycle dealerships. Specifications and im- ages can be seen at BRD’s website: