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IN THE DIRT - Bevo Forte Chad McQueen Chad McQueen, is the son of famed off roader, Steve McQueen. Chad, and his son Chase, are still active off roaders, and since they are the son and grandson of one of the ‘coolest’ dirt bike riders ever, they are the kings of cool. What’s even cooler is Chad autographed a copy of Matt Stones book- ‘McQueens Machines’ for Ketch. Like his dad, Chad is cool. Mike and Sean Bell Mike “Too Tall” Bell and his son Sean are avid mountain bik- ers as well as dirt bike enthusiasts. Mike won the 1980 Supercross title as well as various AMA out- door races and rode Yamaha’s the entire time (rare for top mxer to stay with same brand these daze). You can still find Mike and his sons racing local events in So. Cal. Steve Bauer Known for their devotion to all things dirt, Steve Bauer and Sue Davies Laird are two of our favorites personalities. Steve, an Old So Cal Pro MXer, puts on a huge charity event, the Big Air Fair for Kids at Loma Linda Hospital. Sue can be found at most any moto event in So Cal. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 1 + Page 18 Few people understand cool as much as new 100% Goggle rep, Bevo Forte. Bevo has been practic- ing cool for nearly 40+ years on the moto circuit. Bevo is one of the early ‘mechanics’ mafia wrenches, tuning for riders from John Sav- itski to Bob Hannah. A Scott Goggle rep for decades, Bevo is always a king of cool.