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Bread and circuses. It cost bread to see this circus. Andrew Short, and Justin Bray- ton were also, at various times, running up near the front of the pack. This season promises some of the best competition ever on the National Supercross circuit. Some fun, you bet. Tied-at-the-hip. James Stewart (7) and Ryan Dungey (5) seem to be everywhere on the track together. Both can win at any event. Ryan Dungey Show & Tell KTM mounted Ryan Dung- ey proved the critics wrong, and showed how competitive the new 450cc KTM really is. Thanks to Roger DeCoster, and a lot of R&D work, Dungey made his presence felt, with a good ride, that showcased his considerable moto-skills. Dung- ey had the new 450cc KTM pegged, and looked to be a real