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Qualcomm Stadium Feb. 11, 2012 The suspense in the air at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium was palpable. The 2011 Super- cross champ, Ryan Villopoto was able to carve out two wins in five races, and looked to be a shoo in for defending his SX title for 2012. But Chad Reed had other ideas. The determined Aussie import was all over RV2 at San Diego, and looked like he might be the man to break Villopoto’s brief reign as the series top points rider. It was not to be though, as Reedy came up short at the finish and had to settle for sec- ond overall. Ryan Dungey, who had problems with the wicked whoops at the San Diego track, still managed to take a hard found third overall and maintain his podium finishes and retain third place in the points stand- ings after six races. After the Anaheim 2 James Stewart/Jake Weimer block pass, just the week before, it was Ryan Dungey taking out the hapless Jake Weimer with a similar pass at San Diego. This left the Kawi pilot on the ground, yet again, after a hard pass from a fellow competitor. Either Weimer has to practice shutting the door, or figure out a way to have the other guy be the one hitting the ground after a tight passing maneuver. When it was all said and done, Ryan Villopoto walked away from San Diego with a six point lead over Chad Reed and a 10 point lead over Dungey in third place. Next, the Monster Energy Supercross series heads into Arlington, Texas for the seventh race of the season and RV2 hopes to make a repeat of his previous years title. Round #6: San Diego, CA. Feb. 11, 2012 1. Ryan Villopoto - Kaw 2. Chad Reed - Hon 3. Ryan Dungey - KTM 4. Brett Metcalfe - Suz 5. Josh Hansen - Kaw 6. Justin Brayton - Hon 7. Davi Millsaps - Yam 8. Kyle Chisholm - Kaw 9. Mike Alessi - Suz 10. Nick Wey - Kaw