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St. George, Utah’s BLM recreation area is a great place to explore on your Dual Sport. By outfitting your ride properly, you can expand your range and bling fac- tor, as well as improve the handling, comfort and increase your gear payload. That makes it even more fun…. the fuel down low, for a lower center of gravity. This in turn, helps to improve the handling and stability of the bike. IMS also incorporates a lift pump on this fuel tank, which al- lows the stock fuel pump to stay in the standard position, utiliz- ing the entire capacity of the tank. It is available in a choice of colors, including Natural, Black, Blue and White. IMS also sells a Graphics kit for the WR that sells for $89.99 that sets this tank off quite well. On our KLX250S project bike, we installed one of IMS’s 3 gal- lon fuel tanks ($274.95) which is about one gallon more capacity than the stocker. Not as much as DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 1 + Page 64 our WR, but still offering a siz- able increase in range. More Power Scotty… In our quest to give our KLX and WR dual sport bikes more power, we put Yoshimura Racing’s RS-2 slip-on exhaust systems on both machines. Yosh has a reputation for qual- ity and performance and the RS-2 slip ons are one of their most popular off-road exhaust