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systems. This system features a stainless steel mid-pipe, an aluminum sleeve RS-2 muffler, and a machined end-tip insert ($395.00). The claimed horsepower of the stock WR and KLX systems is right around a little over 23 hp. On the dyno, the Yosh exhausts for these two bikes, measures in at 25.8 hp. Almost three horsepower more than stock. The torque measures out to around 15.1 foot pounds We added new front and rear Maxxis tires on our KLX250 and WR250 dual sports. The stock tires are a good compromise, but they lean more towards street use than dirt. The Maxxis tires offer better grip and more durability than the stockers, espe- cially in the dirt. stock. With the Yosh systems, they come in at 15.9 foot pounds. More useable torque and horsepower. Weight on the stock units is right at around nine pounds stock, while the Yosh RS-2’s come in at 5.7 pounds. Better performance, less weight, and still quiet. Pegs, levers & steering dampers The next areas to get scru- tinized on our Project Dual Sports were comfort and han- dling. We installed a set of IMS Pro Series motorcycle foot pegs on the WR, and a set of Super- stock pegs on the KLX. These