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dition to make your dual sport more comfortable for cruising down the highway or hitting the trails at speed. Suspension Mods Precision Concepts added their fork and shock mods to make both our Dual Sport dirt bikes more capable on and off the road. Since they are located in So. Cal., you can either send your forks and shocks to them to be revalved, or drop by their shop and leave your machine with them. The cost of the mods is $179.95 for the forks and the same for the shock mod. They also offer a fork and shock polish for $50 and a fluid replacement for $38. The cockpit view of the WR250R shows off the added protection of the IMS/Power- Madd Star Series handguards with hand wrap attachments. Note the easy to adjust GPR steering damper for quick adjustments on the fly. The larger capacity IMS gas tank and side panels flow well. Tire Tech For tires, we went with a set of Maxxis SI front and rear semi-knobby pattern tires on the WR, and a set of Maxxis Desert IT front and rear knobs, on the KLX. Both sets of tires offer improved traction in the dirt, but are still stable on the street and offer increased wear and durability. See your local dealer for pricing. Odds and Ends Some of the other items we added to our Dual Sport per- A Pro Moto Billet Cargo Rack (on WR250) allowed us to cinch on an addi- tional Wolfman Rollie storage bag.” Note the IMS fuel tank wings that add extra fuel capacity on our WR250. More bolt on = more fun.