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Slamming through the rocks is much easier and controllable (on both bikes) with the Precision Concepts fork and shock mods. formance list were a set of Hot Foot Moto Chain sliders and rollers ($24.95-$34.95) on the KLX. We also put IMS’ Power- Madd Star Series Hand Guards ($99.85) with hand wrap at- tachments, on the KLX and WR for added protection from the wind, rain, tree branches and assorted trail flotsam. DRC also makes a cool tail light kit for the WR that is sold through Wheeling Cycle Sup- ply. It consists of an Edge 2 tail light/aluminum holder kit for $84.95 and a type 601 Flasher for $34.95. The front flasher holders go for $5.75 with a plastic skid plate for both ma- chines selling for $92.95. Bling Thing… Zeta Racing offers a wide ar- ray of products to personalize and bling out your Dual Sporter as well. Here are some of the products they offer for both the KLX and WR Dual Sports. Z-Carbon Air Scoop. .......... $132.95 Z-Carbon Rear Disc Guard... $59.95 Z-Carbon EX Pipe Guard...... $46.95 Z-Carbon Frame Guard. ....... $93.95 Z-Carbon Drive Cover......... $52.95 Z-Carbon Chain Guide......... $75.95 Z-Carbon Chain Cover......... $52.95 Z-Carbon Rear Caliper Guard.$49.95 Zeta Racing makes a host of bling ac- cessories for both bikes. Note the Car- bon fiber goodies and slick chain guide. Z-Carbon Fork Wraps.......... $53.95