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By the Dirt Illustrated staff Photos By Ketch & Nic Granlund If you were to ask someone, “Who is the “King of the Ham- mers? You might get a reply.’I dunno, is it Stanley or Crafts- man?’. Well to rock crawling afi- cionados, and in-the-know off roaders, ‘the King of the Ham- mers’ is the person who wins the annual part desert race, part endurance challenge, and all encompassing survival test, called fittingly enough, the King of the Hammers. This event is held each year in the wickedly treacherous Johnson Valley Recreational area, in Southern California. It is an assemblage of rocks, trails, hillclimbs and torturous paths, that only the brave, and possibly foolhardy, would even attempt. Each year a who’s who of desert endurance racing spe- cialist, and specialty jeep-like 4x4 vehicles, including rock climbing trucks and buggies, as well as all sorts of contrap- tions, from hand-built creations to stock vehicles assembles to take on this extravaganza of carnage. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 1 + Page 74 Kawasaki’s Destry Abbott goes off a rocky the Johnson Valley Recreation area. The King of the Hammers off road survival