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and a nine and a half hour web- cast to fans across the country and globe. Summin’ Up The King of the Hammers is, without a doubt, one of the most gnarly, rock infested, grinding, punishment filled, one day off road events in the world. The list of people that sign up and DNF at this race is lengthy and legendary. So if you every get a chance, come on out to So Cal’s Johnson Val- ley Recreation area and give it a go. Who knows, you could be the next King of the Hammers. Or simply get pounded like a 10 penny nail. Live broadcasts are standard at the King. We’re not sure about the skirt on the announcer though, maybe its a kilt. We hope so. 2012 King of the Motos 1: Graham Jarvis #88 2:57:19 2: Kyle Redmond #17 3:09:41 3: Destry Abbott #8 3:29:16 4: Mike Slawson #307 3:45:32 5: Cody Webb #247 4:00:40 6: Jimmy Jarett #24 4:05:28 Everything from multi-hundred thousand dollar rigs to door-less rigs like this one populate the Hammer Town pits. If you have a roll cage, you don’t need a door.