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ture on this machine. Its ultra reliable, has a good, strong, easy-to ride pow- erband, and will get you to the finish line or back to your truck every time. DI: How does it stack up to the competition out there? Price? Quality? Reliability? Rideability? JC: The CRF450X has no real competitor. Some of them offer 450 off road bikes, there is nothing more ver- satile than this bike. You can race New England trails to Baja. It has won every Baja 1000 it has been in. DI: What type of rider do you feel fits this particu- lar bike? Why? JC: Anyone wanting a bike that can do a wide range of rid- ing activities. From tight woods trails to wide open, Baja-like terrain. The all around rider who wants a reliable and rug- ged off road dirt bike that he knows will get him there and back on a regular ba- sis, all at a good price point. DI: When it comes to get- ting value for your dol- lar, is this the best off The 2012 Honda CRF450X is quite possibly....the best dirt bike value in the world. road motorcycle you can buy currently? Why? main racing machine, re- placing the XR650 in 2006. JC: Yes. It is the best value for your dollar for an off road bike. You’re not going to replace parts as often. You can take it anywhere and do almost anything on it. From MX Grand Prix, endu- ros, or Baja. It was such a stable plat- form to start with, that it was a lot easier to make it Baja-fast really quick. We could gear the X up to go all the way up to 110 mph. DI: In your testing and Baja racing career. How much development work from that went into this bike? JC: We first started testing the CRF450X in 2005-2005. Eventually it became our DI: How would you compare this bike to the XR650’s you’ve raced in Baja? JC: The XR series bikes were trail bikes we made into racers. The X series bikes were more designed to race. Quicker acceleration, lighter, more nimble on the trail than the XR series.