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suspension action in the first part of travel.’ ‘KTM went to the expense of making the swingarm 7mm longer for 2012, mostly for better suspension action. By moving it real far forward to fit the 14-48 sprockets, and not change the chain, you negate their changes and some rear end suppleness goes away. The longer chain lets you keep the length and the suppleness. Is it worth the $130 for new chain? I think, yes it is.’ ‘We use this RK chain. It is the toughest they offer and will last a long time. Luckily, both this chain and the stock one have master-links for ease of installation. ‘The Supersprox sprockets are the best choice for this bike as well, since they last a long time. They have aluminum on the inside, for weight reduction, and steel for the toothed sec- tion for long wear. Great combi- nation.’ Dual Sport bikes line up outside the General Store on main street in Randsburg. A place to sample the local cuisine. Suspension Mods “One other area we looked at improving, “ added Danny, “Was in dialing in the overly soft stock suspension on the KTM 350 EXC-F . It is set up for the street, but for a bit more Dale Tomaier, Janet and Steve Burgess, and the rascally Scott Critchfield, know the Southern California desert. They led us to the Husky Memorial (see story in this is- sue). Trips out to the Jawbone store and Randsburg are a staple of this fun-loving group of off road enthusiasts.