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IN THE DIRT - KETCH-N-UP ZAC Speed Hybrid Chest Protector ZacSpeed is the manufac- turer for the “all in one” chest pro- tector/hydration/backpack system. These hybrid, multi-purpose chest protectors/hydration systems/back tors. They are, in order of size, the “Sprint” the “Recon” and the “Da- kar” -the largest of the three. The Recon and Dakar both come with a tool roll for extra organization pur- poses. Each pack is equipped with embroidered backpack straps to also the system to function without a chest plate. These chest protector hybrids are made from tough grade Hot Chicas To The Rescue A “hybrid” chest protector is what the ZAC Speed system is all about. Part hy- dration system, part back pack, and part chest protector, this is the total protec- tion package. packs are just the perfect combo for short or long adventure rides and provide the all day comfort that Modern Adventure Riders have come to expect. All the packs have a three-liter water bladder, and a soft shoulder strap that fits any neck brace. There are three sizes of storage to choose from with the ZacSpeed hybrid chest protec- materials, while retaining a light weight feel. Priced from $249.95. Contact your local off-road Dealer to purchase, or visit: for more details. Retail Pricing for the packs: Sprint $249.95, Recon $ 279.95, Dakar $ 324.95. For more info contact United Distributing at (602) 353-1300. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 2 + Page 18 Got to hand it to Monster En- ergy for their liberal use of Monster Energy girls at the races….(these two cuties were posing and squirt- ing fans, and editors alike, with water guys at the series final in Vegas). As the energy drink wars con- tinue to wage on in the Supercross and Outdoor series, everyone from Monster, to Red Bull, Muscle Milk, Rockstar, and a host of others, are pitching their energy drinks, and drink girls. Whether you love or hate them, the energy drink com- panies have helped contribute large sums to help support profes- sional motocross racing. They are the major contributors to helping riders and race teams. Look for an in-depth, honest view of this latest avalanche of money and product aimed at the off-road public in an upcoming issue of DIRT ILLustrated.