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Prix/NASCAR/Baja motors that the major manu- facturers put inside the chassis of the latest generation of four stroke motocrossers. Four strokes require a more diligent and closely followed maintenance path than their early two-stroke counterparts. Here is what Teddy says you should do to, as Steppenwolf might say, “Keep your motor running…..” Dirt: Compare and contrast latter day two stroke engines to the new generation of four-stroke motors found in modern day off-road vehicles. Teddy: Back then (two stroke days) you could literally do a top end job on your bike for a couple of hundred bucks. It was something most guys who raced, could do themselves in their garage over a weekend. Today, rebuilding a four-stroke is so complicated with shims, washers, and o-rings, no one wants to touch it so they send it off to their dealer or perfor- mance shop to be rebuilt. And it ends up costing them DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 2 + Page 28 With the latest generation of four stroke dirt bikes, you need a lot of skill and the right tools to make them work properly. Compared to the old school two strokes, the new machines are more stressed, have less oil capacity, and run hotter. around $1200- $1600 to do a simple top end job. Dirt: Is there a big difference between “older” four-strokes and the “newer” ones today?