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TO ME 1976 Trans-AMA St. Louis, Missouri “This is probably my favor- ite, most recognized and popu- lar motocross photo of all time. It’s the start of the 1976 St. Louis Trans-AMA race, and once of the few times I ever used a motor drive on my camera, This is the most exciting of a se- quence of about 8 frames.” “I call it the “Golden Age of Motocross” where bike technol- ogy was evolving at an incred- ible rate, all the riders hung out together after the races and traveled the circuit together as friends, and the American rid- ers were learning to beat the Europeans.” “Rider #104 is “The Man” reigning 500cc World and Trans-AMA Champion Roger Decoster (Suz), with four AMA National and Supercross Cham- pions trying to beat him to the first corner: Bob Hannah #2 (Yam), Marty Smith #9 (Hon), Danny LaPorte #7 (Suz) and Kent Howerton #1 (Hus). That’s Tommy Croft#16 (Hon) being shut off, behind.” -Jim “The Greek” Gianatsis