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McDougal and Chuck Bower and they ended up 1-2-3 in the Na- tional Championship. But start- ing racing was only the first piv- otal event of that time period. Steady Foundation The second pivotal event was the slow burning romance that broke out with mom and one of the members of our group, Jon Rosenstiel. They got married at the end of 1973. Besides having racing to help keep me focused, Jon R’s easy going nature and scientific knowledge was an influence on Wayne, myself, and our mom that was positive in every way. he was the Team Honda either” Of course, the fact that he was the mechanic for Team Honda didn’t hurt either, but our com- mon interest in Motorcycle rac- ing was just an incidental part of his influence. Career Choices I had a great Pro Motorcycle racing career that included MX, Dirt Track, Baja, Desert, Speed- way and even had an AMA Pro My mom. Riding our ATC70 and wearing my jersey and the helmet I wore in the 77 125 Nats. This is 1979 out at Phelan, our old stomping grounds. Road Race license, but never raced one. Fast forward 40 years. Here I am, now living in Georgia and working for Honda Power Equip- ment for the past 22 years. Dur- ing my racing career, I raced Nationals and Supercross for 10 years, and for all the Factory teams. I was entered in, at, or intimately associated with, most of the important or historical races from 1973 through 1986. I have a great memory of the de- tails from that time. The minutia and background stories and per- sonalities from those times make for great story telling and with them, analogies and metaphors, far beyond motorcycle racing. Mom and Jon R, Carlsbad GP, early 80’s. Mom and Jon R, Hangtown National, about 1978.