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ornate monuments, others with some witty banter, and all manner of creative thing-a-ma- bobs adorning them. This truly is hallowed ground for off road riders and racers. It is no longer just a “Hus- ky Memorial” as desert riders of all ilk have had loved ones come out and set up moving tributes to their riding buddies. Some funny, some moving, but all noting the persons love of riding off road, how they are missed. There is even a bench to rest on, donated by a fallen riders friends, with an inspiring message to rest a while, but then get back to riding... From Malcolm Smith “Jim Erickson, a good friend of mine, was almost impos- sible to beat on a fire road. Jerickson was one of his nick- names. We would all meet at the Riverside Ice House on Sunday mornings and go fire- roading up Bee canyon to Idyl- wild, have lunch and ride back. The Lamar boys and Gormo the pinstriper in Riverside, drilled holes in all the parts of the bike, so no one would steal parts from the monument. This bike was put there when there were still many 390 Hus- The ‘Over the Hill Gang’ put a memorial to several of its members at the Husky Monument. God Speed Jim Holman, Jim Henn, Mark Martin, and Jed Baca. Friendship. Creativity knows no bounds at the Husky Memorial. We love this artistic creation that was left to Jim, with Love, from his brother. Neat. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 2 + Page 70