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This aggressive suspension system allows the Wildcat a generous 13 inches of ground clearance, with 18 inches of travel on the back end and 17 up front. The Arctic Cat engineers claim that this system allows it to keep the tire contact patch- es flat, while the suspension moves through its 18 inches of travel. “The 5-point multi-link sus- pension system, minimizes camber and axle plunge, so the suspension soaks up the harsh- est terrain without compromis- ing handling and steering,” says their engineers. The Chassis The frame utilized a “full- perimeter exoskeleton” as there’s a distinct lack of body- work, with the frame outside many of the existing body pan- els. The chassis uses a High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steel, which makes up the roll- over protective cage and the main chassis. The Transformer- like “exoskeleton” design maxi- mizes strength and structural integrity of the frame without unnecessary weight. Overall, sleek, functional and ready for action. The Wild Cat comes with a electronic power steering assist that makes turning the ma- chine simple and easy. Even in locked differential mode in tight, woods-like conditions. A set of mini doors come standard on the Cat, and have hinges at the rear and a latch in the front. The overall chassis is large and roomy but with the power and speed this machine has, in our opinion, it could use some sort of foot placement to brace your non-accelerating leg against. Especially under full throttle acceleration. When you peg the foot throttle, your left leg has nothing to brace against and can move around