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Like their Sport Truck cousins, the new generation of Sport UTVs utilize long travel suspension, fore and aft. The Wildcat has 17 inches of travel in front and 18 inches of travel on the back. Massive. “Other than that, it rips. The acceleration is brisk and excit- ing, the front end steers effort- lessly with the electronic power steering. That makes it much easier to drive, especially with the front differential locked, in tight rocks or hilly terrain. You can drive it at high or low speed, with only one hand on the wheel if needed. There is virtually no bump steer, and the vehicle responds very predict- ably in almost every situation.” “ I am not a big fan of the 3 point safety harnesses though, as you really need a good qual- ity 5-point harness to keep you secured for racing or high per- formance driving. It is the first option I would add to this ma- chine, or any of the Sport UTVs out there, “ says Jones. “Suspension action is very good, and with 18 inches of travel on the back, and 17 inches up front, the shocks do a great job of sucking up obsta- cles on the trail. If you keep it pinned across a set of whoops, DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 2 + Page 88 you can get the back end to bottom out, but since it is so adjustable, you could easily dial them in to make it a bit stiffer and not bottom out. Overall, the ride is very good and will suit a majority of riders out there.“ “The 4WD option is re- ally good for rock crawling, as is the differential lock mode. The electronic power steering makes this even nicer. I like the dash mounted engagement system as well, its easy to use, and tells you what gear and range you are in at all times, right there on the dash. Good instrumentation all around. “ Overall Options Everyone that drove the new Wildcat 1000i came away im- pressed with the power output, handling, steering ease, and plush suspension on the vehicle. It didn’t hurt that the look of the “exoskeleton” framed ma- chine is also racy and sleek. While it is pricey at well over $16,000 ( a MSRP of $16599) the 2012 Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000i ROV has a lot to offer the modern day trail recreational or off road adventurer. Whether your passion is duning, trail riding, racing, or