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Overall handling on the Rubicon is on the neutral side, which means that you can push it on the trail, but only so far. It’s stable and very predictable, and can even be ridden fast on smooth trails and fire roads, but it is a bit on the heavy side for slam- ming through deep, continuous whoops. Honda makes sport ATVs such as the Four- Trax 400 & 450R for doing that. ATVs with 100’s of thousands of miles of regular use, oper- ating day in and day out, for years, with no problems whatsoever. Applying it to the Rubicon This is the primary reason you see so many of Honda’s red machines scattered about, still running, and operating in the woods, farms and fields all over this country. Their Four- trax Foreman Rubicon has been Sportsmen, hunters, and adventuresome campers will all appreciate the camo pattern on Honda’s Rubicon 500 4x4. It blends in with a wide variety of back- grounds, and has the type of easy-to- ride power that makes trail exploring fun. in production for several years now, and like its cousins, it too has earned a solid reputation for quality and durability in the ATV marketplace. This is due, in part, to its combination of a ruggedly built, continuously variable Hon- damatic automatic transmis- sion, and a stone reliable 499cc liquid-cooled OHV dry-sump longitudinally mounted single- cylinder four-stroke engine. A Constant Velocity CV carb han- dles the fuel air mixture to the cylinder. Fuel injection does of- fer altitude advantages, we had no problems with the Rubicon at higher elevations, due to jet- ting concerns. Combined with