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Hunters will like the easy going nature of the Rubicon and its proven reliability in the field, farm, ranch, or work site. its easy to use electric shifer, and even easier to use elec- tronic power steering system, this mid-sized utility and trail 4x4 ATV has earned a stellar reputation for ruggedness and durability, joining the ranks of the many other ATVs in Honda’s storied lineup, that have done the same thing. The overall suspension action on the Honda FourTrax Fourman Rubicon is plush and very comfortable for all but the most aggressive drivers. Start pushing the limits and you can get the 6.7 inches of front and rear travel to bottom out with the 640 lb. curb weight of the ma- chine coming into play. Still, the ride is great for all but the most extreme side of sport trail riding. How They Do That They do it the old fashioned way. Attention to detail. The Honda automatic transmis- sion can be set up in different modes for maximum perfor- mance or maximum torque, as well as in Electric Shift Program or (ESP) mode. This gives the rider push-button control over his shifting. Throw in a torque- sensitive front differential, and Honda’s TraxLok selectable 2WD/4WD system, and their optional Electric Power Steer- ing (EPS), and you quickly