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TEDDY - TALKS TECH This month we go back to Basic Training to see how to repack your off road vehicles silencer. Alright, drop and give me twen- ty… Er, make that from $9.99, because that’s what FMF packing sells for (they also have complete kits as pictured which include hi-temp silicone and an allen wrench). Cheap insurance to keep your machine quiet and also at its peak performance. MUFFLER REPACKING BASICS Sometimes the simplest thing is the best thing. Espe- cially when it comes time to keep your dirt bike, ATV, or UTV running at peak levels. Amazingly, a lot of riders ig- nore an area on their machine that can easily improve its performance, without spend- ing a lot of money. A simple repacking of your bike, quad, or UTV’s muffler can give you a boost in performance with- out spending big bucks. This month, our affable Techie and off-road perfor- mance specialist, Teddy Boyko explains the hows and whys of repacking your stock or modi- fied muffler to extract every last ounce of power from that beast. Here goes: “First of all we will be re- packing a Ti 4.1 FMF RMZ 450 exhaust system, with one of their repack kits. In case you didn’t already know, a prop- erly packed muffler will make more mid-range power than