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A properly packed muffler will make more mid-range power than a worn out packing muffler. FMF has proven that with dyno readings. “ a worn out packing muffler. FMF has proven that with dyno readings. “ “Gently install the pipe into a clamp, get an allen wrench and remove the bolts, lay them out the way they came out so you can reassemble them easily.” “Next, remove the end cap, then take a rubber mallet, and gently tap the muffler assembly to remove it from the pipe. Now you have the exhaust, with the muffler packing separate from the pipe. Be sure and use some latex gloves to handle the fiber- glas packing, as it can be hard on your hands,” “Put the exhaust canister back in the vise, clamping it gently, so not to crush it, and gently start to remove the in- ner, worn out packing material, with a set of vise grips. “ “Pull the core out, then take a knife, and cut the old core off the muffler casing. Peel it back, and separate it from the core. Toss the new packing and get your replacement packing kit ready. Place the core in the center and start to wrap the new packing around it. Simi- lar to rolling a sleeping bag up, wrap the new material around the core, making sure its snug. Occasionally, the material is a bit too large, so you might have to trim the ends to get it to fit back inside the exhaust canister.” “I will occasionally use duct tape to wrap the assembly and make it easier to insert back DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 3 + Page 36 into the canister sometimes. It can be a tight fit, so you will need to exert some force and wriggling to get it back inside.” “Once you have the material back inside the chamber, you’re ready to mount the canister to the pipe. We use some seal- ant to keep the pipe mounts secure, and bolt everything back together. By doing this for say, about every 10 hours of engine time on your vehicle, you will ensure that the power stays fresh, and you don’t blow out the packing, producing less power and a louder bike,” . Contact Info: To send Teddy an engine tech question on your dirt bike, ATV, or UTV, send it to: Be sure and include your name, city and state on the bottom. For more on Teddy Boyko Racing go to: or “Like” on Facebook: Or you can contact them old school style at (949)-939-5330