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TO ME © 2012 Jim Gianatsis. All Rights Reserved. “Let Broc Bye” This is probably the most remembered, if not the most famous photographs in the his- tory of AMA National Motocross, And quite ironically, at the mo- ment I took it I really didn’t know what I had captured in my camera - my eye was fol- lowing Bob in the Camera’s viewfinder and I never read the pit board in the quick moment it was held up. I was in Lake Whitney Texas in 1977 covering for Cycle News the final round of the 1977 AMA National Motocross Champion- ship. I was standing across the track from the mechanic’s sig- naling area, shooting together with good friend and fellow edi- tor Jody Wiesel who also shot a near identical photo at the same time. It wasn’t until Cycle News returned my film and proof sheets to me a few weeks later, that I really saw what I had captured. The photo revealed 125cc race leader (and 1976 reigning 125cc National Champion) Bob Hannah’s Yamaha mechanic Keith McCarty signaling to Bob as he races past to slow down