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JIM GIANATSIS - IT’S GREEK TO ME and let his team mate Broc Glover, then a distant 2nd in the race and about 15 seconds behind, let Broc pass Bob for the race win. Riding just behind Glover in 3rd place was Suzuki’s Danny LaPorte who was hold- ing down a slim points lead over Broc in that year’s 125cc Championship going into Lake Whitney final race moto. If they finished the second moto in that order with Broc in 2nd and Danny in 3rd, Danny would win the 125cc title for Suzuki. However if Bob would slow down and drop back to 2nd place, Broc would move up an have the few points needed to keep the Championship title at Yamaha. It was the first, and probably the last time that team tactics were so blatantly exposed in AMA National Mo- tocross. Jody Weisel, then soon to be editor of MXA, has re- counted the picture’s full story in better detail, much better than I could. But the short version is that Bob and Danny were close friends, much more so than Bob was with team mate Broc, and if Bob couldn’t retain his 125cc title he want- ed Danny to have it fair and square. Yamaha’s then team man- ager Kenny Clark issued the orders for Keith to tell Bob on the mis-spelled pit board to slow and let Broc pass and take the race win. Bob had no choice but to follow the order, but rather than follow Broc across the finish line for a 1-2 Yamaha race victory, Bob was so angry he quickly pulled off the track, not finishing the race, and parked his bike in the woods for an hour as he let his anger cool down before returning back to the pits. Above: Jim with the Shorai Batter- ies spokes person at the IMS Show two years ago. Left Photo:“The Greek” testing Marty Tripes Factory Harley-Davidson. Seems like yesterday. Right, Jim? DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 3 + Page 40 -Jim “The Greek” Gianatsis