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ket, or the forceful version as when Shaq just backs up while dribbling until he gets close enough to the basket to reach over and drop it in. You see it in baseball with Lefty pitchers throwing to Righty batters and also with base stealing. You see it in football with defen- jump is akin to attempted manslaughter because the rider being attacked cannot make a correction in the air. If the attacked rider does not have the opportunity to cry uncle and submit the posi- tion, that’s pretty extreme. Minor contact by running up If it’s the last lap, and the guy in front of me is close, he’s going to have tire marks on his boots, leathers, side- plate, and swingarm. Or I’ll bump his elbow just enough to change throttle, clutch or brake control or even his steering direction. “Crossing the finish line, Bowen turned around and flipped off Burnworth, who pointed at me as the true culprit. Takeout Specialist There are degrees of take- out too. A takeout over a the inside of a guy in a banked corner is simple and effective. It moves him off his line and he is forced to raise up early from the corner, which means throttling back, or even brak- ing to avoid going too wide, or maybe even off the track. The attacked rider is given the choice to surrender or fight it out from the weak position. A takeout can be touch- less and just force a guy wide and leave him room to cor- rect. It can leave the guy without any room and knock him down. Takeouts can mean removing a rider from a race, or just removing them from a race position you want. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 3 + Page 48 My brother Wayne and I used to practice this. We would make a real tight horseshoe shaped track out in the back of Saddleback Park in a ravine or sand wash and go at it. Each would take a turn leading or following for a few laps. Success was marked by preventing or accomplishing low speed pushing and shoving. One time I’d knocked him down a few times in the same spot just by barely tapping his back wheel at the top of a steep drop away left rut turn. The slight shift to the direction of his mass pushed the front wheel over the rut and be- cause it was a downhill turn, sive linemen going after the quarterback past the offensive linemen. Soccer is another great ex- ample and it got me to think- ing about all of this after talk- ing over beer one day with my daughter’s high school soccer coach, Judge Mark Lovecchio. His insight into soccer tactics indicated to me that there were words that could de- scribe what top athletes know instinctively, and for the last ten years, I’d been cultivating those words.