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We were at the Sacra- mento SX and the heat race took 8 guys to the main. I was 10th, Keith Bowen was 8th and Scott Burnworth was 9th. I decided on the last lap that there was no way I was get- ting beat by those two guys. As nice as they were, or that they’d never done anything untoward against me, didn’t matter. They had gotten the Factory Ride I thought I de- served. tion got the best of me. I’d sat around for a year, making no money. I hated those guys, not for who they were or what they did, but because they got the ride that I thought should have been mine. Six months in a cast gives a guy a lot of time to fester. They hadn’t been a target going into the race. When they both ended up right in front of me in the final qualifying positions on the last lap of the heat race in If he took you out; A. He’s a punk. B. He’s low talent nimrod and that’s what he has to do to win or... C. He’s a punk AND a low- talent nimrod. Infamous Takeouts There were many famous takeouts in MX History. Among them was when Marty Smith brake-checked Bob Hannah at the 1976 125 GP at Mid-Ohio, Hannah told DeCoster to move off of the spot on the gate where Roger had lined up. So after a long straight- away of jumps that went into a huge right-hand banked cor- ner, I jumped way past Burn- worth on the final jump, and T-boned Bowen in the corner. Bowen somehow stayed up, and in front of Scott and me. Burnworth passed me back, as I struggled to stay upright, and that’s how we finished. Just after crossing the fin- ish line, Bowen turned around and flipped off Burnworth, who pointed at me, as the true culprit and I thought that was funny as hell. I admit it, emo- my first race back, it was just the perfect storm of emotion. Sorry guys. The grey area of takeouts is that they are either justified or unjustified, depending on your perspective. Here are a few senerios If you took him out; A. He deserved it. B. There were other extenu- ating circumstances, such as he’s ahead of you in points, or... C. He winked at your girl- friend three years ago. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 3 + Page 52 to win the 2nd moto and over- all. Man, was there ever a ton of MX history and animosity between those two that year and especially at that race. The tension was thicker than the humidity that day. If you don’t know the story, you’ll have to wait for a future col- umn; well a year’s worth of fu- ture columns. Or how about when Jim Weinert stuffed Tony D. at the last 500 National in 1974 to win the title that Tony D. had led for much of the season? The most spectacular one that