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The Takeout as Art The art of the takeout is not simple. Art means many things to many people. Art is emotional. A takeout is emo- tional. Art or a takeout can be blatant, in your face aggres- sive, or they can be so subtle that the only indication some- thing happened is that a per- son’s position has changed. Takeout tactics in Moto- cross are played out as a re- sult of emotions created over the previous lap or a lifetime of racing. The definition of “The Art of the Takeout” is truly a personal one. Just ask me and Brian Myerscough. Photo Sequence Right: Ryan Villopo- to making a clean pass on Chad Reed on the white flag lap for the win at San Diego this year. You can see in the first photo that, although Reed is leading going into the corner, he and Villapoto are both aim- ing for the same spot. Reeds line is taking a bigger arc and results in a faster exit speed, but Vil- lapoto’s line gets’s him to a common meeting point by covering less dis- tance. Villapoto’s line would result in a slower exit speed but his point here is to get his bikes mass moving toward Reed’s front wheel. In the first few photos both riders have the clutch in and the rear brake locked to get the rear wheel around a bit. But Villapoto’s upright position and straighter corner entry angle in photo 1 allowed him to use more front brake as the bike’s G forces compress into the face of banked corner. This pass actually started 3 or jumps earlier in the straightaway. At the point where they both come together is a perfect example of how two con- summate pros react. Reed could have fought RV’s aggres- sive move but likely would have been pushed over the bank if he had tried. RV could have just pushed CR over the bank and been done with him. Reed let up and Ryan gave him just enough room to stay upright. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 3 + Page 54 Photographs by Jack Wright and historic too. It’ll take too long to explain to those who don’t know about it. I was in the race, but the history and emotions that led up to that moment are well known. Who knew that Bob could be de- scribed in math terms, as a Common Denominator. Marty/ Bob, Roger/Bob, Kent/Bob are the fractions they read 1/1, 1/1, 1/1. Well, since Bob lost two of the three episodes, the fractions should read 2/1, 2/1 and 1/2. In each case the faster rider was neutralized by better racing tactics.