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He was sitting quietly in the corner at a bench, with cylinders stacked ceiling high, carefully eyeballing the inside of a customers cylinder. Only half noticing me, Mitch con- tinued working his “black art” magic on the cylinder in hand. “Hey Mitch,” I asked. Hop- ing I had gotten his attention, but I could see he was deep in thought contemplating how to make this cylinder a power spewing monster. We’d like to talk to you about your start with Anaheim Husky sometime. He continued eyeing the four stroke cylinder, as if in a trance, but just when I thought he hadn’t heard my request, Mitch nodded his head and said, “Sure, how about some time next week?”. I nodded my head in agree- ment. I could see he wasn’t about to stop what he was doing. He was completely fo- cused. It’s Mitch Payton’s focus which has helped him build one of the most successful off- road and racing performance companies in the world. It is a multi-million dollar operation, sponsor of multiple title win- ning motocross and off-road racing teams, with Mitch at the helm, carefully steering it to new heights of success. But Pro Circuit Racing started out as a small race shop, located in the So. Cal. co, CA, my parents had a little place, they had some friends who rode horses and they rode together. Their older son got into dirt bikes, “The day that I got hurt was the day before my 17th birthday.” burb of Anaheim, California. Named, appropriately enough, Anaheim Husky. Mitch special- ized in selling and modifying Husqvarna dirt bikes. This was way back in the hectic and for- mative early daze of the red hot Southern California moto- cross market. Back when you could race motocross every single day of the week. From that humble begin- ning, Mitch evolved the little shop that could, into a title winning, factory rider breeding ground, of talent and Chutz- pah. Who was this impertinent person thinking he could com- pete with the establishment factory race teams? DI: How did you get in- volved in dirt bikes in the first place? Mitch: I think when we were little; we lived here in Nor- DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 3 + Page 58 they had one of those little three-wheeler ATC Hondas. My brother and I thought that was pretty cool. We told our parents that we wanted either a go-cart or a mini bike; we were trying to get them to get us one. We were at our grand- parents’ house, either be- fore Christmas or near a birthday. Back then you had the phone with the cord. Our parents had the cord stretched out of the house and on the other end of the line they said, “hey check this out, we got something for ya” and so we were both on the phone and said “what?” “Listen…vroom, vroom” I thought, oh, no, we got a new lawnmower! Well, that sucks. But they had bought a Honda 90 Step Through, a