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ad.” All the little things I didn’t know anything about. I would say he was really instrumental in helping my career and even Troy’s career, those and a bunch of different guys. He’s seen it for a long time. Mitch: That one’s a tough one, everybody asks that same thing. I don’t have a clear cut answer on that. Because you have to say, Jeremy McGrath rode for me the first two years, and now he’s the king of Supercross. firsts that have been very fortunate to do. Then you get a guy like Carmichael who everybody now says he’s the GOAT, the Greatest Of All Time. We got to have him for three years. So he has to be right up I was really impressed with Jeremy. To see the things that he did... Man, that’s insane! That was cool and I was really lucky we were able to get some good factory rid- ers, Goat Brekker in ’84 won the Tokyo Supercross run- ning one of our pipes. ’85 we had Jeff Hicks and Danny Storbeck who were the top privateers and they were holeshotting Na- tionals with real production bikes against works bikes. ’86 Rick Johnson won the Supercross title with our pipe on it and that was the first year of our production bikes. Ricky had a big part of it. So the right timing spawned it, and it took off DI: Who is the most im- pressive rider whoever rode for you? He was just brilliant at Su- percross. He’d see something, be able to do it, way before anybody else. Tracks were harder, to jump a triple on a 125 used to be a big, big thing to do and he could al- ways do it. Brian Swink the first year, he was awesome. Jer- emy was the second year. Then we rode Kawi’s and Gaddis won a title so that was pretty special. And he won the very first race; we raced a Honda in Orlando and we won. We won a title the first year. The first race we ran Kawasaki, we won the first race and we won a title that year. We’ve had a lot of DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 3 + Page 64 there. A pretty special dude to watch ride outdoors, to watch ride Supercross. Then all of them, after they leave, you still feel close to them, and to see what they go do. I was really impressed with Jeremy. To see the things that he did... Man, that’s insane! I always thought he was really cool throughout his career, same with Ricky, his whole career, to be around it and to be at his last race at the Des Na- tions, I made it though his whole ten years. It’s cool to get to know all these guys. DI: What do you look for in a rider for your team? Whatever you look for