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SERIES Petite, easy going, and charming are your first impressions of Shayna. Unless of course you’re out on the track with her. Then its…determined, fast and furi- ous. She knows how to not only com- pete with the guys, but to beat them. Pro Singles Class Ah, the flying young men and one young lady on their 450cc bikes. Any 450cc motocross bike (modified for dirt track racing of course) can be used. But the most popular bike in this catagory is the CRF450R Hon‑ da. In the main event, 14 of the 18 racers in the Pro Single Final were on Hondas. One each represented were KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. Shayna Textors win at the Sacramento Mile, was one of the most exciting, crowd pleasing, come back, milestone events, in modern flat track racing his- tory. As I was walking through the pits, I saw this this diminu‑ tive pretty, young girl sitting in a chair. She’s petite, weighs about 98 lb. I figure. First thought is that she’s some rac‑ er’s little sister. Wrong. Way wrong. Her name is Shayna Texter, and she is a racer. Hot Lady Racer Not just any racer, but a history making racer. Last year she became the first female to win a AMA National Dirt Track race at Knoxville, Iowa.