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2013 KTM’S On the Fast track KTM has been on fire as of late. They have already won the National motocross championship with Ryan Dungey and their KTM 450. Following that new set tradi‑ tion, the 2013 KTM 350 EXC‑F is one of the most capable mid-size street legal dual-sport bikes avail‑ able. So good in fact, that it can also handle the demands of off road enduro racing. With the level of competition out there, that is saying something. Ultra-compact, with 57.5 mm stroke and 88 mm bore engine equipped with state-of-the-art electron‑ ic fuel injection, this engine offers a broad usable rev range and de- livers rideability and con- trollable traction, and full street legal com- pliance all for $9699. KTM 350 EXC An off-road chassis in a street legal frame The 2013 350 EXC-F’s light weight frame is made from high-quality chromoly steel, distinguished by a high level of lat- eral stiffness. It also has an excellent sus‑ pension system, nimble good handling and good power. The KTM 350 EXC‑F is a top performer in the more off road capable ve‑ hicle market. The 48 mm open- cartridge forks on the EXC are a good example. They come with fully adjustable spring preload, rebound and compression damp‑ ing. Each model is also individu‑ ally tuned, for personal ride char‑ acteristics and skill level. They come with KTM’s newly developed high-performance fork oil, and new seal rings, which provide in‑ creased responsiveness and con‑ sistent damping properties. High quality, CNC-machined hubs are standard on all KTM wheels. The now black coated spokes increase corrosion resis‑ tance and center the new 7050 aluminum rims from GIANT. New MAXXIS dual sport tires - are also standard equipment on the KTM EXC and provide added traction,and precise directional control, not to mention a long ser‑ vice life. The 2013 KTM 350 EXC‑F has new bodywork, with extremely slim ergonomics and smooth con‑ tact points between rider and machine. Which helps to provide much better freedom of move‑ ment on the machine. Newly styled graphics, also give these models, a fresher appearance. Tapered, aluminum handlebars from Neken, are also standard equipment on the 2013 enduro bikes. There are also new 2-com‑ ponent grips on the handlebars, with the KTM logo and improved grip.