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TO ME © 2012 Jim Gianatsis. All Rights Reserved. Mark Blackwell and Gary Jones The photos I took of Mark Blackwell and Gary Jones racing each other for the race win in the Open class of 1972 Florida Winter-AM Series are really rare. First, because it was the only time Mark got to race with the coveted number “1” num‑ ber plate on his Edison Dye USA Distributor Factory spon‑ sored Husqvarna. Mark earned the number “1” just a few months earlier as the highest placing American in the 1971 Trans-AM Series, a year before the AMA actually started the outdoor National Motocross Championship. After the final Florida Series race at Daytona 1972, Mark went off to Eu‑ rope to race in the 500cc World Championship, where a stone injury to his eye would end his racing career. Gary Jones on number ‘88” is racing the “factory’ Yamaha YZ360 which essentially was a DT360 enduro which his father and race mechanic Don Jones had modified the frame, ma‑ chined down the forks and in‑ stalled a lightweight fiberglass