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JIM GIANATSIS IT’S GREEK TO ME Advertising fuel tank that was strapped to the frame to hold it on. With Gary’s success on the Don Jones modified bikes, which in‑ cluded winning the 250cc Na‑ tional Motocross Championship later that in 1972, the Yamaha factory copied the Jones spe‑ cials and renamed them the works bikes YZ250/360s. Gary still owns his 1972 National Championship winning YZ250. Honda would sign the Jones family for 1973, in part to get his number “1” plate, and for Don to help develop their new CR250 motocrosser. I believe this was the track in Ocala, Florida. Back in those days, particularly at the Florida Series races, spectators would bring construction site scaffold‑ ing and set them up alongside the tracks for better viewing. -Jim “The Greek” Gianatsis