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With a new chassis and forks, the 2013 Honda CRF450R sticks in the turns better than precious models. Justin Jones demonstrates. The major component of that was acknowledging that motocross riders today are not the motocross racers of yester‑ day. New riding techniques have emerged and riders today now seek to keep their machines closer to the ground, especial‑ ly off of jumps, and employ a technique called “the scrub”. Basically, what the “scrub” does, is allow the rider to flick the machine in the air, very close to the ground, and ‘scub’ off forward momentum. This gets the bike back on the ground, and back on the gas sooner. To do that, the overall mass of the machine has to be low and well balanced. Honda has accomplished this with a very ‘flickable’ chassis, motor, and suspension package that makes it the most agile han‑ dling Honda mx bike ever. All in the details... Honda completely reworked the front forks on the 2013 CRF450R. To do this, they came up with an all-new air-fork front suspension system. The Honda engineers eliminated nearly two pounds in weight, by removing the front fork springs, and re‑ placing them with air forks. Besides the weight savings, Honda’s engineers wanted to DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 4 + Page 34 offer a more tunable, better working front fork, that also made the new bike more flick‑ able in the air. Agile and mobile. All part of their next generation mxer concept, a bike that was custom built, from the ground up, for Generation Scrub. While air forks are not new, the design of the Honda units is state-of-the-art, for a modern air suspension system. Since the Honda forks are lighter than a conventional coil-spring fork, they offer easier adjustment, less internal friction, and im‑ proved control. A major contributor to the Honda’s ‘flickable’ nature and agile handling manners, is its new twin-spar aluminum frame design. It is designed specifi‑ cally to work with the new air forks. By making the frame sit lower and more forward, and making all the engine, suspen‑ sion, and drive train compo‑ nents a part of their ‘mass cen‑ tralization’ concept...Honda has produced what they feel is the next generation motocross bike for the next generation moto‑ cross rider. Twin pipes... There is a new twin exhaust system mounted on the 2013 model. It is more tucked in