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Better than a Video Game: Click on this ride preview of the new Honda CRF450R for an action packed tour de force. Another video by Brennan Wright shot at Glen Helen Raceway. and routes out of both sides onto the rear of the machine. This makes it easier to move around on and gives it a more balanced feel. Now, instead of one large, heavy muffler hang‑ ing off of one side, the compact twin mufflers now flow smooth‑ ly and evenly to either side of the bike. This also helps with the overall mass centralization concept. Since the new twin muf‑ fler system tucks in much bet‑ ter than the single muffler did, it is also better protected in case of a crash. The twin muffs are super short and flow with the 2013 model’s new body‑ work, making the latest Honda CRF one of the most flickable CRF450R’s ever built. 2013 Changes... This is not some minor cosmetic upgrade model, as everywhere you look on this machine, you’re going to see major improvements. The en‑ gine benefits from a new piston shape, porting, and valve tim‑ ing, along with more compres‑ sion for increased power. The radiators are smaller for 2013, and now flow more air. The clutch is also totally redesigned, with six springs for better dura‑ bility and more feel at the lever. Honda has also beefed up the footpegs and made tire im‑ provements on their next gen‑ eration mxer.