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range throttle performance. For fine-tuning it to specific track conditions, Honda offers their optional Accessory-the HRC Fuel-Injection Setting Tool. This makes dialing the fuel injec‑ tions system a simple matter of plugging it into your lap top computer and programming the stock fuel injection system for various track, rider, and race conditions. Next-Generation Aluminum Frame The clean lines of the new Honda are readily apparent. It has a new twin-spar alumi- num chassis that matches up well with its new Air front fork system. An all-new twin-spar alu‑ minum chassis was designed specifically to work with the CRF450R’s new air forks. Easy to see, once you look at how low the frame spars join up with the head tube. Thanks to the mass centralization, svelte feel, and overall dynamics of this new chassis, the 2013 Hon‑ da CRF450R combines smooth flowing suspension action, quick steering feedback, and chassis stiffness, making it one of the best handling Honda race chas‑ sis’s ever built. New Fuel Tank The twin exhausts are a tell tale giveaway that this is 2013 CRF450R. Shorter and more tucked in than a single exhaust, they are all part of Honda’s Mass Centraliza- tion program to make the bike more “scrub-worthy”. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 4 + Page 40 Honda upped the gas tank capacity to 1.66 gallons this year, which means you can ride a bit longer before pulling in for