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sion on the 2013 required a new swingarm as well. It need‑ ed to be more rigid and stron‑ ger. Honda did just that. The redesigned aluminum swingarm also helps increase the tunability of the suspension and increased both the vertical and horizontal rigidity. Result? Better drive and acceleration out of corners. KYB Rear Suspension The CRF450R’s fully adjust‑ able rear suspension features a shorter rear shock this year, designed to work with the new frame, and further improve mass centralization. A Pro-Link KYB single shock is standard, with spring preload, rebound damping adjustability, and com‑ pression damping adjustment, separated into low-speed and high-speed. The overall suspen‑ sion travel is 12.5 inches. New Seat & Bodywork Next generation mxers will appreciate the agile handling and flick it nature of the Honda 450 off of jumps. Whipping it has never been easier. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 4 + Page 44 Honda added a new seat to the mix, which blends in per‑ fectly with the new cutaway bodywork. This helps lessen the overall mass and trim the way you fit on the bike. You can see this by examining the cutaway area between the rear number‑