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plates and the fender, and at the seat nose. Sleek and cool. Works-Style Brakes Honda’s motocross bikes have always had great brakes on the track, and the 2013 CRF450R is no exception. The Brakes remain the same as last year, which were among the best in the business. They fea‑ ture tront and rear discs, with factory-spec master cylinders, to slow you down as fast as you got up to speed. The front and rear rotor covers are carried over from last years model. New Dunlop MX51FA Front Tire Honda and Dunlop have a close working relationship. The 2013 CRF450R’s suspension is set up to perfectly coordinate with Dunlop new MX51 moto tires. The new Dunlop rear tire is slightly lighter than previ‑ ous versions and has beaucoup hook up and superb track feel. The front tire is brand new, designed specifically for the CRF. This new tire has improved traction capability, especially with the new Honda Air Fork. We like the Honda Steering Damper system (HPSD). It’s simple, effective, and works. Nuff said. Bike of the Future Ride Impressions All of these new features don’t amount to much, if the to‑ tal package does not mesh well together. After putting in a con‑ siderable amount of track time, we were able to analyze the vi‑ ability of this all new motocross bike from Honda for 2013. Our verdict? The overalll suspension and chassis combon on the new Honda work ex‑ tremely well together. Honda’s has scored a homerun with their new, more agile, better handling, stronger running, and Hooking up and moving forward is how you win races. The Honda hooks up and moves forward.